Reasons to have Pedicure

3 Reasons why you need a Pedicure today

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If you think of the amount of hours we rely on our feet and use them in one day you will start to appreciate the value of them. We use them to get out of bed and don’t stop using them until we are back there maybe 14-18 hours later. Now that’s a lot of work for something that we all have and yet a lot of us neglect. We wrap them in socks or leave them open to the elements in sandals and wonder why they get rough or dry.


I always believe in a mixture of both traditional relaxation techniques together with modern medicine for stress relief as well as a beauty regime says Rod Anker Director of Monsoon Salon & Spa. It is essential in life to take care of yourself, both physically as well as mentally and if you can do that by doing one thing then it’s a double yes from me. You should be getting a foot massage almost weekly with a pedicure fortnightly as I do he adds.

Thai leading foot reflex therapist Natchaya Soy based in Bangkok says that foot reflexology benefits have been known for many generations and practiced daily. It should be part of your routine for better health she adds.

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