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3 Top Trends in Restaurant Industry

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The Indian food industry is seeing a huge rise. It is said that the industry is expected to grow at 11 per cent to touch a staggering Rs 408,040 crore by 2018. In terms of market segments, the Quick Service Restaurants and casual dine-in formats account for nearly three-fourths of the total chain and cafes make up 12 per cent, with fine dining outlets, pubs, bars, clubs and lounges comprising the rest.

Of this the the chain and licensed stand-alone industry would contribute around Rs 25,000 crore by 2018, says the India Food Service Report-2013. So there are a lot of opportunities in franchising a restaurant business. Here are three key trends which are going to be crucial to get success in this industry:

1. Innovation and differentiation from brands so restaurants stand out from the crowd or sea of options available to consumers.

2. New menu items with a focus on keeping food fresh, high in quality and innovative.

Technology will continue to advance to match consumer expectations of their restaurant experience through table top devices, Geo-tracking technology and online ordering.

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