360 Degree Virtual Tour View of Monsoon Salon & Spas

360 Degree Virtual Tour View of Monsoon Salon & Spas

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Picture this. You are searching online for a salon in near your location that offers the best salon and spa services in Delhi. Sitting at home or in office in front of your laptop or smartphone, you want to know the location on maps and also want to read reviews and recommendations regarding the salon and the services they offer. You also want to have a panoramic view of the salon and explore the interiors before actually visiting it.

Sounds far-fetched? Not quite with Monsoon Salon & Spa’s 360 Degree virtual tour view. A unique concept, Monsoon’s 360 degree virtual tour view allows people to virtually explore and navigate the salon through 360-degree panoramic images before actually visiting it. You just need to visit the locations page in Monsoon’s website and choose your desired location.

Once you select the salon location and clicked on the 360 degree view tab, within seconds you will be transported into the salon virtually, wherein you can see the ambience and interior of the salon. One can checkout different service stations like nail bar, cutting station, pedicure station, manicure station, spa rooms, Monsoon’s Rituals station and so on. The service is available for each of the Monsoon’s nine locations spread across Delhi-NCR and a potential visitor can check out each and every Monsoon outlet before actually visiting it.


Monsoon Salon & Spa Connaught Place

A picture is worth a thousand words but the 360 virtual tour can be said to be worth thousand words multiplied by 360….

Click to view Monsoon Salon & Spa in Connaught Place’s 360 virtual tour view.

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