Best makeup artist in delhi

Best Makeup Artist in Delhi

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In discussion with Vidya Tikari, the expert and celebrity makeup artist is practicing in Delhi for bringing out the best in an individual. She is a top recommended bridal make-up specialist, particularly in Delhi where Vidya is considered an expert in doing the best bridal makeup in Delhi.

When Vidya was just five years old, her mom handed over a box of her discarded make-up to her. Mesmerized by those damaged tubes of bright lipsticks, she developed a keen interest for make-up and cosmetics. She explained how her first customer was her cat. She applied eye shadow on the cat’s eyebrows and painted the cat’s lips.

After completing her studies, she was clueless on what to do. At that point of time, Vidya’s father advised her to pursue higher studies on make-up and styling. Vidya then want to Australia for pursuing the higher studies on make-up and styling. On coming back to India, her professional photographer uncle gave her a break to do the make-up of the famous supermodels Rahul Dev and Aparna Kumar. That’s how she began her career.

She is now a very well known name in the world of makeup and is practicing in Delhi.  Her studios are the hubs of the best make-up for bridal purpose as well as for all other occasions. Each and every make-up expert that performs here has been individually hand-picked and well trained by Vidya. So, even though Vidya get many offers for alliances, she is usually very choosy is making an association. She is totally devoted in the make-up and said that she has no aspiration of being a cosmetics manufacturer.

In different parts across the nooks and corners of India, the brides are very much the center of attraction, and sometimes are being judged as per how good they look on the wedding day. As many of the brides are fortunate enough to do the perfect make-up that suits their face, whereas there are many instances were mismatches are noticed. Vidya Tikari make-up is absolutely customized as per the looks of the bride and she ensures that the make-up looks good as per the face and hairstyle of the bride.

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