Booming Franchise Market in Delhi-NCR

Booming Franchise Market in Delhi-NCR

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Three years ago, South Extension-based Monika Sharma used to drop in at a beauty salon once a fortnight or sometimes even once in three weeks. Monika, 32, a media professional with a leading newspaper in the city, says she does that now regularly because it’s important to look good as it boosts you confidence.

Thousands of others like Monika today are visiting beauty salons frequently leading a booming salon industry in NCR (national capital region). NCR has seen a rise of about 30-40% in the number of salons in recent years.

Salon and spa brands are expanding their presence and business in the NCR market, while new brands are trying to enter the market. The growth factors are rising consumer expenditure and growth prospects available in Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Sonipat, etc. Today not only national brands, but international salon chains are also trying to establish their presence in Delhi-NCR.

This change in people’s mindset has led to an increase in the number of franchise opportunities in Delhi-NCR. Today every salon chain is developing a franchise model and expanding exponentially. Be it Looks Salon, Affinity Salon or Monsoon Salon & Spa, everyone has their own model of franchise business. What makes them different is the kind of support and guidance provided.

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