Bridal Eye Makeup

Bridal Eye Makeup

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There are certain specialized steps which are being very prominently used when you apply the various kinds of artistic eye makeup, whether you go for the simple makeup or the very seductive, smoky eye look for any special party during the night. You can very easily change your look by your choice of the colors as per your choice. The expert make-up artists suggests to opt for the natural colors, which matches your skin tone or something rosier if you want to look very radiant, at times more golden touch, or other metallic shade if you want to extrude a lot of glamour, or darker, smoky colors for the smoky eye look.

It is up to you to decide and finalize on your look. Pick any of the below mentioned three colors for your eye shadow and you make look amazing.

An absolutely light shade especially for the purpose of the highlights looks awesome. This could indeed be a pearl-like shimmer, a very attractive light metallic, or simply a very pale color that may give you a very glamorous look altogether.

A medium shade can also be used if you want to flaunt it bold in any evening party along with a matching gown and jewelry.
A dark shade for the eye shadows also look amazing and can be tried out as per the attire you are flaunting in a particular occasion.

Applying of the eye makeup

The makeup experts from the Monsoon Salon and Spa apply the desired foundation first over your entire face before they probably start on your eye makeup. They use the best canvas to work with so the best of the outcome can be attained.

An eye shadow primer is being applied from the lash to the brow in order to make the eye makeup last for longer. This is indeed not a compulsory step and can be skipped if desired.

Using a right makeup brush or an eye shadow sponge, the expert makeup artists apply the medium shade from the lashes to the crease of your eyelid to complete the eye makeup and make you get the desired look that you wanted to achieve. If you are in Delhi NCR and is looking for an amazing eye make-up, then visit the Monsoon Salon and Spa for the best bridal makeup in Delhi experience.

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