Brides in Delhi & Gurgaon - Monsoon Salon & Spa is Here

Brides in Delhi & Gurgaon – Monsoon Salon & Spa is Here

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Winter is here, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing colder and buds of life are blooming all around. Yet, for those whose ears are tuned, there is another season whose music plays in the background? Wedding Bells.

Your wedding day is a day when you should feel your most confident and most beautiful. You spend countless hours and days searching for the perfect dress. Much thought is put into how you will look on your big day and rightfully so as all eyes will be on you. You want to be able to look back on your wedding be it in memory or in photo and still feel as beautiful as you did the day of your marriage. And while you have sought out the perfect wardrobe, accessories and hair, what about your makeup?

Is bridal makeup different from everyday makeup?

Absolutely! Bridal makeup must be timeless, waterproof and photo appropriate. It may surprise a lot of brides to know that the makeup you see in the mirror is not the makeup you see on camera. This is especially important when dealing with flash photography. Here comes the importance of hiring a professional makeup artist to do your makeup for the big day.

A good bridal makeup artist is the one who is going to listen to you and what you want or don’t want. A good bridal makeup artist will know what to suggest if you are uncertain about your look. Your makeup artist should have full knowledge of which products to use so that your makeup will be just as beautiful in person and on camera.

And that’s why Monsoon Salon & Spa calls itself an expert in bridal and wedding makeup in Delhi and Gurgaon. With over 500 brides every season, Monsoon is one of the leading makeup studio in Delhi-NCR. The experts with Monsoon are well versed with the needs and requirements of the brides-to-be and are well trained to handle each situation. Moreover, with the wide exposure the artists receive at Monsoon, they will enhance you and your beauty making you feel like the best you that you can possibly be.

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