Choosing the Right Team for your Wedding

Choosing the Right Team for your Wedding

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Its fast coming up to the wedding season and we all know what that means, lots of celebrations. For many people it means lots of planning and preparations. But for brides, it is all about looking the best on their wedding day. For hair and makeup, it really is a team of people that are connected and work together to create the magic for your special day. It is not the time to worry about how things will work out, instead it is a time to ensure everything goes smoothly and it is in the trusted hands who will make the celebrations the most memorable as possible.

While making wedding plans, always plan for hair & makeup in advance so there are no last minute rushes and you can get the desired result with time. To do so, here is a list of the top 5 things you need to plan for your hair & makeup before your wedding:

  1. Your hair trial: This is an ideal time to get a trial done to make sure that the look is exactly what you thought it would be and feels just right for you. It’s one thing to see a style in a photo but does it suit you and your face?
  2. Hair color: Your hair color should be forward planned so it is done 5-7 days before the wedding, there should be enough time left for it to settle down and not look like you have just walked out of the salon. It should look natural.
  3. Shine: Well who doesn’t want a little extra shine in their hair? Did you know apart from hair spa treatments (which you should be also planning leading up to your big celebration) there is a shine treatment that adds just shine to your hair in the way of gloss, which lasts 3-4 weeks. Talk to your stylist.
  4. Your facial and skin condition: You will be under a lot of pressure and stress with sleepless nights etc. So make sure your water intake is kept up and that you have booked in for your facial four-five days before and your clean up leading up to the month before also. Don’t try any last minute change of products as you should be sticking with your routine as your skin could react to any change.
  5. Make up trials: This is another area that should not be left to the last moment. I am sure you have had makeup done many times, however, this is your wedding so it needs to be just perfect! A trial should be done in the month before so you love the end result.


How does one chooses the best hairstylist and makeup artist: Well this is something that can have varied views. It could be a recommendation from a friend or it could be internet searching that gives you the best options. I suggest you combine it with both, there are countless options on the internet and you should make a decision based on the reputation of the person or the brand behind them. Obviously depending on what your requirements are, the larger the requirement, you will need to go with a more established company that offers both hair & makeup services.

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