Choosing Right Product for Hair

Choosing the Right product for Your Hair

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Gone are the days when you could just use water or a few drops of oil in your hair for styling, society demands more from us which means we need to get the right advice on what products to use. As a lot of us know our bathrooms are full of products that we purchased without thought or not with the right advice or the know how to use it.


Colorist of the Year Rod Anker director of Monsoon Salon & Spa says choosing the right product can change from cut to cut, depending on what you are expecting out of your hair. A good beauty & hair salon will always ensure they show you how the product is meant to be used, demonstrating on your hair will show you very quickly if it works or not. Shampoo and conditioners play a large role in the condition of your hair and we have to know what is best and not follow the crowds, just because your cousin uses XYZ it may not be the best choice for your hair. I am not a big fan of loading the hair with a lot of product, I feel the hair should be able to move and have freedom in styling he adds.

We believe in the right hair care products will make such a difference that we have created especially a promotion that encourages with discount to help you get the right products without costing you a bomb!

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