Hair Color Changes Everything

Color Changes Everything

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Day to day we view life ad if you stop for a moment and think of the last 24 hours you will always remember colors in the experience you had even in the middle of the night there is always a color involved in the recall of the memory. Color holds such a powerful emotion and can take you to heights just based on the look of something, there are color specialist’s in the world that simply consult on getting the color mix right in retail stores, hospitals, offices and homes to ensure that you have the right feeling when you walk into the space.


When it comes to hair and fashion there is a plethora of choice and options and choice all subject to what’s in and what is hot and then you have to decide if it in fact actually suits you, your skin, your hair and the desired look your going for. OMG so much to think about so how do I do it without going crazy? There is no simple way to explain in on paper how to choose the perfect color for you as there are too many variables in the mix of choice however lets try and help by giving you some practical key points to consider before jumping into “trend”

  • Have you had Color before, what have you done that you loved? ( depending on this you could have a variation of the color that you had if you liked it)
  • Are you thinking of a low maintenance color? If you are then a solid color that is vastly different from your natural color simply will not give you ease of getting it done whenever you like, it will tie you to the salon every 4 weeks to get it refreshed
  • Do you want high fashion or are you after a color that looks refined? ( difference is do you want a loud color that is “Cool” or a look that looks refined and glam, these are two very different concepts and will determine a lot)
  • What restrictions do you have? ( Family, friends and work can dictate a lot when it comes to color so be sure that you have considered your circle of people that will give you feedback)
  • Maintenance, discuss with your stylist on a realistic maintenance program that you feel you can commit too

Once you have gone through this then it is time to go and visit your Hair Stylist and get your New look!

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