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Color Cuffs

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Well it has been Ombre for so long and now as the seasons change so does the hair trends. Ombre was all about a grown out look that was low maintenance with a very natural finish to it, with the option to be as bold as you felt was you!


The evolved version is now out…”Color Cuffs” give you the option to be as out there as you feel and is a very low maintenance technique which can be adapted as you feel. When it comes to flattering color as a leading colorist I am always requested to give a soft yet fashionable look without being high maintenance or too out there. I have been working on this technique for some time and have come up with the most exciting and up to the minute look for the Indian skin and hair that not only suits but is incredibly flattering.

Your hair is slightly lighter around your hairline naturally, at times you may question this however the hair is even slightly less dense so it is this that we have to keep in mind when it comes to coloring and giving you the most up to date yet flattering finish. It can be a flash of color that leaves you subtle to an extreme burst of color that makes a statement the choice is yours. Coloring hair is an art form and I find it most creative when you have variation on tone and depth says Rod Anker, Vogue Colorist of the year & Director Monsoon Salons & Spa
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