Why Everyone Needs a Little Color

Why Everyone Needs a Little Color

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Not sure where everyone was but there has been a change in terms of why we color our hair, it is far more than simply covering the greys. Fashion evolves every season and as hair and makeup is a huge part of your overall look, hair has to be part of that evolution.


In time gone by, coloring your hair was more about seeing one solid color and have a blanket-type effect so there was no visible signs of getting old, however it has not been about this for some time now. Today, coloring your hair is more about creating an overall look and using your hair as a fashion accessory. It can be about making a loud or bold statement or it can be simply about enhancing your look and being subtle. Whatever the desired effect is color will enhance your cut and bring out the best in you!

Big this season we have moved away from Ombre as it can be a little bold for the Indian skin tone and have adapted a softer version which is called Sombre. Try it and you will see that it gives you the wow factor to your hair!

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