Evolution of Crew Cut Hairstyle

Evolution of Crew Cut Hairstyle

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Fashion comes and goes we have all heard it a million times and whilst it typically has been told that it is clothes we are told it is completely true when it comes to hair as well. We may or may not remember way back when the world was different place and in many countries War was a way of life and many men got called to be part of the front line. When this happened hair changed very fast, to be easy and not something that would bother the soldiers at war. Introducing the crew cut hairstyle and after the wars were over it stayed around for a few years as it was incredibly practical and saved money.


Over time the “Crew Cut” went in and out but by late 60’s it had almost disappeared and in the last year we have seen a lot more tapered hairlines whilst leaving it longer on the top, so the foundation of the crew cut is still there but having the little extra length at the top gives versatility to styling says Rod Anker.

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    July 29, 2014 at 10:38 am

    Very Interesting piece.

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