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Evolving Your Look: New and Old

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When it comes to fashion fads there are so many things that are coming in and going out each day and to be honest it is hard to keep up with them all. When it comes to stylish people you do not have to have the latest in your wardrobe or the latest haircut however it needs to be worn well. We see people trying to fit in everyday and wearing something that simply is not them, this does not look stylish this looks like you are trying to be something you are not. The best looking people often spend the least amount on there clothes however put it all together really well. I would rather think they have a minimalistic approach to there overall look rather than getting blogged down with brand names and the “In” styles of now.

Yes hair is always evolving with new styles coming and going as with fashion however there are always retakes on what we have done yesterday with new ideas and variations to make it a new look.

Seems like we have been stuck in Bob era for a while now and it was getting a bit old well now we have taken it a little shorter and having a more sculpted look with above the hairline and cropped into the neck giving a more elegant and elongated look. Sure not for everyone but it is “ in” and of course one size doe not fit all so it has to depend on your face shape, texture of your hair, lifestyle etc etc. Giving advice in writing has to be an overall snap shot of where hair is at.

I have just returned from Thailand doing hair for a bride and have to say that no matter where you go in the world people generally are after the same thing, something that is slightly different that they feel comfortable in that says its them.

Why not get a consultation from a stylist about what would suit you regardless of length and colour and get some advice then think about it rather than overlaying your thoughts on someone and trying to work the long way around. Often we do not think about the styles that we have not done simply because we have not done them. I say it all the time and its all about evolving your look.

I know how I feel when it comes to hair and fashion and I often have the tendency that less is best and do not like to complicate my life so typically wear black and white, its not for everyone but it is individual.

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