Tips for Fixing Dull Hair

Fixing your Dull Hair

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We hear a lot of people saying that their hair is in poor condition and they are in search of advice on how to fix them. There is a large section of people who think that no matter what you do to your hair, it can not be fixed. However, the fact is it’s completely untrue. The keratin  in your hair, even though it is dead, needs to be taken care of in order for hair to look and feel healthy.

So what is a good hair care regime and how do you decide what is best for your hair? Well, that is fairly easy depending on where you live and the hair products you have access to. If not, let me try and help you out.

Top 3 things you need to check for healthy hair

  1. A good quality shampoo: This is not determined by the amount of bubbles or the packaging. I suggest you first go with something that is detergent free (SLS is a good option as it has less additives that will dry your your hair and scalp).
  2. A suitable conditioner: This completely depends on the quality of your hair. If it needs moisture or if it is lacking protein, this is a key factor on the shampoo you choose. There are options on mask or leave in and again depending on your hair and the condition of it. If it is fine then a leave in conditioner or moisturizer may be a good idea, but if it is thick and course, this alone will not be enough.
  3. Regular appointments with your hairstylist: Getting a trim every 6-8 weeks is a must for your hair. Your hair on average grows 1- 1 ½ inches per month and removing the fragile ends is critical for healthy hair. If you’re growing your hair, keep in mind you should be removing less than what it is growing to ensure that it is getting longer.

Now you have the basis of a good hair care regime, do not overdo anything and you’re on the way to having beautiful hair. Always remember it is about everything in moderation and if your hair is not up for it then you may have to wait. Once the damage is done, the only way to actually fix it is cutting off.

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