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Get a Glowing Skin All Day

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The glow on your face while you leave your home in the morning rarely lasts all day. More often than not the lashes lose their curl, lips fail to hold their shine and skin refuses to maintain its radiance. However, following certain tips can help you get that flawless, finished appearance throughout the day.

Matte Finishes

Start your day with a layer of matte foundation. Your skin is a producer of natural oils throughout the day, so you will get a natural look all throughout. Good for oily skin types, matte formulations help combat grease easily and gives you that clean, polished look.

Add primers

Adding primers to your makeup routine is important if you have a long day ahead. Be it lashes, skin, or eyelids, right primer for your skin type can enhance the longevity of your makeup.


The skin loves moisture, so drinking water is important to avoid dryness. Carry a water bottle with you all day long and drinking water throughout the day.

Eat Smartly

Regularly boozing and caffeine dehydrate the skin. If you can’t cut back your caffeine intake, drink lots of water and eat more vegetables—they help balance your body’s pH levels, which can give your skin look glower.

Don’t forget sunscreen

Wear one with SPF 30 daily to protect your skin’s tone and texture.

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