Get Soft & Detangled Hair with Refresh N Shine

Get Soft & Detangled Hair with Refresh N Shine

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Shopping is a favorite pastime of most women and a lot of men to be honest! Through shopping, people come to know about new products in the market. Schwarzkopf have recently released a hair care product called Refresh N’ Shine. It is amazing hair care product for soft & detangled hair. We all get too busy and our hair tends to be on the back seat when it comes to feeling fresh. We all will make sure we wash our face but if we run out of time then it is our hair that suffers and up it goes into a pony tail or worst we completely forget about it.


Refresh N’ Shine works incredibly well for the day old hair that is not too oily by breaking down some of the dirt, oil and product and leaving it feeling smoother and clean says Rod Anker. Use it by spraying several short bursts of it approx 20-30 cm away from the hair and be sure not to overdo it, shake your hair and run your fingers through it and your god to go!

It is unlike a dry shampoo as in it will not soak up excess oils however it is the one product your bathroom needs to have in case your ever running late for a night out and feel your hair is lacking a little shine and feeling dirty!

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