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How Face Shape & hair plays a large role in what people are thinking

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We have are in the middle of an era in which there is so many people going for the same job, the same promotion we need to stand out but beyond that we need to bring out the best features we have to offer. If you think about your CV you would hardly write “ I am not good at numbers” rather you would make sure you added something about how creative you are or a good team player. Similarly when it comes to our image we need to create a look that is both comfortable for you but also says the right thing about you and is complimentary to your personality. People will draw to a conclusion within minutes of meeting you based simply on you appearance so if we would like the best impression we must put effort and thought into our outward style. Easy said and I am sure a lot of people will be by now thinking yes but I have restrictions, I want to keep the length or I don’t want color etc etc but this is not about making drastic changes at times it is small changes that make the bigger difference.

Hair is like a hat, think about it, there are some hats that look good on you and some that make you look a little foolish. It is the shape that we wear on our head that will add or subtract from your features day in and day out so thought must be given to the best suitable shape that we wear.

For example let us look at various situations when it comes to face shape, there are many so lets not complicate matter but rather look at the basic face shapes so to give a better understanding.

With a round face we need to try to get as much angle in the shape of your hair as possible, anything that stops at the chin length will add weight to your look and make it all look as one big ball. Avoid chin length hair and box like fringes. Ideal length would be just past your collar bone with weight and bulk ONLY visable on ends and keeping the sides and top as flat as possible.
Square face, well with the same thought process we need to soften this look so you do not look like a boxer from the Baltic states ( unless that’s the look you are after ) Again you need to avoid adding to the square look and the length needs to be longer than chin or you will add to the shape. The length should be below collar bone at minimum, if there is a part it should be side and fringe should be side sweeping and not solid. With a Long face we have to be careful not to make your face look any longer, you should avoid a centre part at all cost as it will drag you down. If you are tall then you should be aiming for a length that is between your collar bone and chin that has fullness at the sides.

We have to take face shape, body type, lifestyle, personality, hair texture, skin tone and hair care regime into all of this and come up with something that works well for you whilst keeping the maintenance as low as possible.

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