How to Love your Hair

How to Love your Hair

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What an absurd thought that anyone can tell you to love you hair but in fact its really not that hard to have hair that you love in fact it is within reach of everyone. The one thing that I have learnt from many many years in this industry that pays off every day is communication, if you have something on your mind then you need to talk about it. This used to get me into trouble however I have come to learn how to control my thoughts a little more as I get older.


When I sit with someone to discuss their hair it is always refreshing to listen to what people are looking for and a lot of the time what they have been doing is not even close to what they are wanting out of there hair. Its like anything in life, the more you put in the more you get out of it so it only makes sense that your hair which everyone see’s daily that there is a certain amount of thought and preparation into how it looks.

A plan on how it will look today, what looks your going for tomorrow and how it can be changed and adapted to different events or parties that you may be going to is essential for you to get to know your hair better and give you the confidence to be able to dress it up a little or get the desired effect.

I suggest the following to make sure that you get the look your after day in and day out and learn to Love your hair!

  • Have a hair plan that you have come up with your Hairstylist that you both have discussed in detail that looks after the cut as well as the color.
  • Have a hair care regime that will ensure your hair looks good not only when you leave the Salon but for the time in between salon visits
  • Know how to style your hair, in fact ask your stylist to show you how the looks can be done and how to give it a second look, this you should know
  • Plan your color for now as well as developing the change for the next looks, forward planning on color is normal and should be done
  • Work with your Hairstylist to ensure that there is a synergy in the looks your after, if your not getting the look or the desired result then it is time you looked for a change

A hairstylist and the client need to be talking the same language, in order for everyone to love what is done there should be open communication on the how, when, why etc on everything to so with your hair. Want to love your hair then always remember

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

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