Huge Potential for Franchise in Delhi-NCR

Huge Potential for Franchise in Delhi-NCR

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From largely an agrarian economy, India’s northern region has seen sweeping changes in terms of infrastructure development, manufacturing and services. It has consistently outperformed India’s national average in terms of GDP. Today too, in the 21st century, north India remains a hub for the modern business method i.e franchising.

Franchising has now become the core model of business networking and is noted that the majority of the franchising activities occur in the northern states, specially in Delhi. But what is it that attracts franchising brands to expand their footprints in this part of the country? Let’s take a look.

Exciting Opportunities

Northern states have a great potential to tap the untapped market, which presents enticing franchise opportunities in Delhi to the franchisors as well as aspiring franchisees. They are now penetrating into tier- II and III cities, offering rewarding opportunities to the business aspirants. So even domestic players in the franchising sector have started using Delhi-NCR as their favourite destination for business growth.

Moreover, with Delhi-NCR also being developed as a educational and training hub, many aspiring candidates also travel here to make a living. This gives a whole new opportunity to the new and upcoming franchises.

Lucrative Offers

Looking at the success of new brands – domestic and international — coming up, many franchisors are eagerly seeking partnership to offer lucrative opportunities to potential investors in north India. Take for example the UMAK Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., a north based restaurant brand that is currently operating five restaurant, namely, The Great Kabab Factory, The Spice Factory, Indyaki, Sino Kitchen and Superstars. They are franchising four restaurant brands pan-India and internationally.

Another example may be Monsoon Salon & Spa, which boasts itself to be a pioneer in north India’s first chain of day spas, providing world class services in spas, beauty and skin care, hairstyling, makeup, nail art and pedi/mani all under one roof. The brand is active for over three years and has eight operating branches in Delhi-NCR. Now they too are offering franchise options.

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