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Love the Model not the Product

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Before owing a franchisee, one need to be sure that they really want to own it. When someone is searching for a business to buy in which they are sincerely interested in, it is important for them to look deeper than the product. While demand for the product or service is an important aspect of a successful business formula, what counts in the long run is the model of the business on which it runs. It is the business model that passes on.

Now the question that can come to anyone’s mind is how do they understand the model before they buy it?

In simple words — just talk to people. Call all the franchisees you can. Ask them about their day. Get an understanding of what it is like to run the business and how it fits into their life. Ask yourself, how is it going to fit into your life? Understand your strengths and weaknesses as a business person, and what you love and hate to do. Does this business sound like it will complement the things you already know about yourself as a business person? If you can get a clear answer to all these questions, just go and invest.

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