Monsoon Franchise's Post-opening Support Program

Monsoon Franchise’s Post-opening Support

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In our previous post, we discussed about Monsoon Salon & Spa Franchise’s pre-opening support. And when it comes to post-opening support, the list is endless. From regular maintenance to business guidance in increasing the number of clients to access to Monsoon’s Loyalty programme, there is nothing that can match our standards. The post-opening support has been divided into three parts, Operations Support, Educational Support and Marketing Support.

Operations Support

Maintenance: We will guide you through the daily maintenance needed in running your own salons.

Loyalty Programme: You will be able to access the huge clientele with Monsoons’s Loyalty Card programme.

Business Guidance

HR Support: This includes staffing support, attendance, payroll etc

Revenue Generation: This includes appointments via Mobile App, Call Centre and Webstore.

Inventory Support: Monsoon will provide you with all the inventory required for daily use.

Reception Support: This includes billing, MIS, Audits etc.

ERP: Our experts will guide you to plan your resources well.

Educational Support

Brand and Tech Know-how: Our experts will guide you through Brand Monsoon and the technical details of running a salon.

Product, Training and SOPs: There will be a lot of training from professionals working at Monsoon to help the newbies get handsome knowledge and expertise.

Marketing Support

Digital Marketing: Marketing promotion on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and banner ads on Monsoon’s sister sites.

Print Media Marketing: Banner ads, tent cards, flyers, hoardings, signage ads, easel, promotional cards etc.

We also have a huge platform in various media houses and we make sure that our presence is felt. From fashion magazines like Estetica, L’official, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, FHM, Harpers Bazaar, Spice Route, Bihanga, to mainstream media like Deccan Chronicle, the Indian Express, NDTV etc, Monsoon Salon and Spa has been featured regularly here.

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