Monsoon Franchise's Pre-opening Support

Monsoon Franchise’s Pre-opening Support

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Monsoon Salon & Spa is one of the most organised salon and spa chains in North India. When Monsoon Salon & Spa chain decided to go for franchising, they were actually looking for partners rather than franchisees. So it launched a very detailed pre and post-opening support programme which allows the new partners to get acquainted with the business in a smooth way and to start their first salon.

Here we will describe Monsoon’s pre and post-opening programmes to help people looking to open their Monsoon outlet have a fair idea of what’s in store. Team Monsoon has divided the pre-opening support programme in the following way:

Architect and Layout Finalisation: Each Monsoon outlet is designed keeping in mind the ambience a salon should have. Team Monsoon will help you get the architect and layout finalised from the scratch.

Franchise Induction and Training: Monsoon today has earned a name in the industry because it believes in client satisfaction and quality. There will be a proper training and induction of the new recruits before they actually start work.

Guidance on Site Selection: Right location always has better values and reach. The Monsoon team is well experienced to help you get the right exposure.

Project Hand Holding: Team Monsoon will always be a call away whenever a new partner is in need.

Pre-Launch Promotions: Monsoon gets extensive coverage in many print and media, which includes a wide range of magazines.

Staff Recruitment Guidance: Monsoon’s HR team will be at your service to get the right person.

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