Pros and Cons of having Perfume in your Hair

Perfume in your Hair

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Should you put perfume in your hair to get rid of the pollution smell, saves time right and you can get away with not washing it for the day! Can Alcohol Ever Be Good for Skin or hair?

Surely, you think, there must be a good reason so many skin-care companies include alcohol in their products. Right? Of course, there are a few reasons, but in our experience, there are only two primary explanations. As mentioned above, alcohol can make a thick skin-care product feel almost weightless, creating a deceptively pleasant aesthetic. Your skin and hair is very good at keeping ingredients out. Skin-protective substances (think lipids, enzymes, and antioxidants) act like little nightclub bouncers, keeping beneficial ingredients in your serums or other treatments from getting in. Alcohol helps ingredients like retinol and vitamin C penetrate into the skin more effectively, but it does that by breaking down the skin’s barrier—destroying the very substances that keep your skin healthy over the long term. Like a cowboy in a bar fight scene from an Old Western movie, alcohol is hurling retinol through the windows of your skin’s barrier without a second thought. If you are putting a few sprays on your hair to make it smell nice then think again it is doing the exact same thing to the hair shaft! Evaporating the moisture inside and coating the hair leaving it brittle and damaged! Says Rod Anker founder of Monsoon Salon & Spa in Delhi.


If alcohol evaporates, how damaging can it be? We understand the logic—if alcohol evaporates quickly, it seems reasonable that the damage will not be so severe. Unfortunately, research reveals that this logic is only wishful thinking. Alcohol immediately harms the skin and starts a chain reaction of damage that continues long after it has evaporated. According to the FDA in the United States, there are up to 500 chemicals in a bottle of perfume majority of which do not have to be listed as ingredients so spraying on your hair is certainly not recommended or intended when the product is developed. It can have adverse effects on the hair structure as well as the scalp. So before you go spraying perfume on your hair to rid it of smoke or pollution smell, think again and go ahead and shampoo and condition your hair. Long term your hair will thank us.

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