Beauty Tips for Playing Holi with Care to Protect Skin & Hair

Play Holi, but with Care

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As we gear up to celebrate the festival of colors, it is very important that we protect our skin and hair from the harmful chemicals often used in the Holi gulaal. Without proper care, it can be a nightmare for our skin. You might be the one who has opted for organic colors, but what about others? So take proper care before you step out and play Holi.


Herbal or Chemical Color?

1. It is important that you moisturize your skin with coconut oil or paraffin-based moisturizer before playing Holi. They form a barrier to the harmful chemicals and protects your skin.

2. Oil your hair well with coconut or olive oil before exposing your hair to the colors.

3. Use a vaseline or petrolatum jelly on your lips as well.

4. Go for a braid or bun then keeping your hair loose. It can protect your hair from getting tangled with colors. If possible, cover your hair with a cap or bandana.


Chemical Colors can Damage your Hair

So, keep your face, skin and hair protected with these tips to have a safe holi.

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