Questions Every Franchisee Should Ask before Investing

Questions Every Franchisee Should Ask before Investing

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The franchise industry in Delhi-NCR is on a roll. Be it quick-service restaurant chains like McDonald’s or KFC or salon chains like Lakme, Looks or Monsoon Salon & Spa, there is a sudden demand, with a host of new franchises being formed. As with any other investment, the burden is on you to research a franchise carefully. Here are few questions you should ask before buying a franchise, even an established one. Don’t be afraid to ask about the franchise’s plans:

  1. Are they planning to open company-owned stores as opposed to franchise outlets? Make sure they can’t put a company-owned store in your territory.
  2. Will they solicit customers directly via the Internet or a toll-free telephone number? Make sure the franchise will pass on to you any inquiries they may receive directly from customers in your territory.
  3. Will they offer new products and services through a separate, related franchise under a different trademark?

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