Regular Protection for Coloured Hair

Regular Protection for Coloured Hair

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People often have a lot of questions regarding their coloured hair. If you have had red hair before,you must have noticed that it has the ability to fade very quickly. No doubt coloured hair needs a lot of care and maintenance. Today, we are sharing few tips that will help you keep your coloured hair bright and shiny for a long time. Follow these tips to make your colour last longer.


Keep your Hair Healthy

Try and keep your hair as healthy as possible. It is important that you’re kind to your coloured hair. For example, try to blow dryer when you can, or try no-heat curls instead of firing up the hot curling iron.

Less Wash

Wash your locks as little as possible. Every washing will strip your hair of color, so try to keep the washing to 2-3 times a week. And try investing in an ‘invisible’ shampoo for better results.

Right Products

Regular hair products with sulfates can fade your colour faster.So you should look for the ‘sulfate-free’ label on the bottles you buy.You can check out Monsoon Salon & Spa’s Color Freeze Treatment that provides up to 90% colour retention and 100% colour and shine, down to every single hair.

Avoid Sun

Extreme exposition to harmful rays of sun, like UV rays,can do a lot of damage to your coloured hair. So never forget to wear a scarf or hat to protect those lovely locks.

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