How to Take Care of your Skin this Winter

How to Take Care of your Skin this Winter

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The winter is here and days are getting colder. This is one time of the year when a lot of people experience a completely different kind of lacklustre skin often leading to dryness and rough patch. Here we offer you few tips that will help maintain a healthy, flake-free, supple skin, all winter long.

Go for a Facial

Getting a facial is a great way to clear out your skin and start a new season. As the climate changes, so does our skin and a facial will help you stay fresh. If the skin is healthy and clean, it allows cold weather skin-care routine to be more effective. At Monsoon Salon & Spa, you can go for Deep Cleansing Facial and make a fresh start to the winter.

Protect your face from the Elements

Just as we wrap ourselves in heavy clothing during winter, the same should be followed for our skin. It is recommended that we should use a heavier cream versus a lighter moisturizer to keep skin hydrated.

Protect your Lips

Don’t neglect your lips, which have a tendency to keep dry in winter. Keep balm with you and apply often as the temperature drops. Avoid products that contain petroleum as it can clog the pores in your lips, making it hard for the moisture to get where it needs to be.

Try a Hydrating Serum

Add a hydrating serum to your skin-care routine, which can be applied under your regular moisturizer. The dry air during winter needs an extra layer of moisture, which only a serum can provide. You can also visit and buy from a range of Schwarzkopf and O3 products. You can also book various services and get an appointment instantly here.

Exfoliate Regularly

Dull, lacklustre skin is a trademark of the winter season. To give those dry, flaky cheeks a boost, exfoliate regularly. You need to do this more often in winter than you do in summer. You can also visit Monsoon Salon & Spa and go for various services on offer.

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