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Things Successful Franchisees Do

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People who are running successful franchisees have something in common, which the unsuccessful franchise owners don’t have. It is also recommended that new franchises go for heavy introspection before getting involved in franchising. Here are some excerpts from his book, Become a Franchise Owner! Which can help you make a viable decision.

  • Here’s one sentence that I need you to focus on right now: It’s their system, so they get to write the rule book.
  • If franchises didn’t have rules, they wouldn’t be franchises; they’d be independent small businesses.
  • The first thing you need to consider is whether you are OK with rules. In other words, how has the rule thing worked out for you in the past? For example, have you been a rule follower in your previous positions? Were you able to abide by your company’s line of thinking? Did you follow procedures as they were laid out? Were you OK with the parameters they set?
  • If you’re generally comfortable with following someone else’s rules and have a strong desire to be in business for yourself, franchise ownership is an option you should explore. However, if you don’t have a very good track record of toeing the line–and instead really prefer to make your own rules–then becoming a franchise owner may not be the way to get into business for yourself.

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