Top 5 franchises from INR 30-50 lakhs in Delhi-NCR

Top 5 franchises from INR 30-50 lakhs in Delhi-NCR

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The franchise business in Delhi-NCR is on a roll. From international fast food chains to domestic retailers, everyone today is giving franchise. Why not? After all this is something which has a proven track record. So if you are looking for an investment, here’s our guide to franchise businesses by investment from INR 30-50 lakhs.

Monsoon Salon & Spa

Monsoon Salon & Spa is the one of the most organised and customer centric salon and spa chain in North India. It is one of a salon and spa chains that has a diverse service offering, which includes Hair, Makeup, Beauty, Spa, Mani/Pedi and Nail services. Now Monsoon Salon & Spa chain also offers salon and spa franchise opportunities across Delhi-NCR. So if you are looking for franchise businesses in INR 30 to 50 lakhs investment, opening Monsoon Salon & Spa can be a good choice.


If you are prepared to start a franchise business with an investment of INR 30 to 50 lakhs starting a franchise of renowned footwear Adidas is appropriate as the brand is a trusted one not only in footwear but also other sports accessories. Not only in India but in most of the Country Adidas has been considered as a leader brand in sports goods, footwear and apparels.


Domino’s Pizza is one of the leading brand and known for their best service with guarantee, and needs no introduction to the Indian consumer. It is not just one of the leading pizza businesses of the country at present, but also food franchises in India. The non-traditional stores and transitional stores require less investment which is around 50 lakhs and 30 lakhs respectively.

Studio 11

Beauty care salon and spa franchises in India usually do a great business. With the increasing quality of urban Indian lifestyle, opening a beauty salon or spa franchise is a good business idea. So if you are looking for franchise businesses in INR 30 to 50 lakhs investment, opening Studio 11 beauty parlour can be a good business idea.


Inspite of several changes in the fashion and garments trend, one brand that had been constantly emerged as leader in textile industry is Raymond Limited. Serving for more than 80 years Raymond is a household brand even at remote place. The total cost to start Raymond franchise, the largest retail chain in textile and fabrics in India, ranges between INR 30 to 50 lakhs.

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