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What makes a Good Franchisee?

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If you want to become a franchisee, you have to lose your ego. Even if you come to the table with 25 years of experience as a VP of operations and you know more than the franchisor, you have to follow the model you bought into. You need to understand why you’re getting into a franchise business to begin with. The answer is: you want to avoid mistakes. That’s why you bought into their system.

Professional background says a lot. People who come from systems-based environments, and those who may have disagreed with their bosses or industries but still performed well at their jobs, are good candidates for franchising. People who work in operations have a high success rate, as do those with backgrounds in marketing.

In terms of personality, people who are averse to conflict and are comfortable taking feedback from bosses do well within the structured franchise environment. Although one doesn’t have to be a robot to be a good candidate for franchising. However, he/she should realize there are rules in place, and they better do their homework well enough to know what those rules will be.

However, if you are stubborn or independent-minded, and those who don’t like to play by the rules, should not buy a franchisee. Also, people who think they will be able to change the system from within. Sorry, this business is not for you.

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