Foot Reflexology

Your feet are one of the most stressed part of your body. Just think how much stress your feet go through each day. No body part is more abused than your feet. Standing, running, jumping – our feet do it all! And when it is a metro city like Delhi or Gurgaon, the fast pace of the world takes a toll on the the feet and the importance of foot care is often neglected. Therapists and reflexologists believe that overall health begins in your feet and travels up. So it is recommended that everyone should visit a foot spa at-least once a week.

Benefits :The benefits of foot massage are endless – not to mention it feels downright great! Although there are no “hard facts” to prove what a foot massage can really do, practitioners and patients alike claim that reflexology can:

  • Cure colds/minor ailments
  • Prevent/cure diseases
  • Increase energy
  • Relieve stress, pain and anxiety
  • Improve blood and lymph circulation
  • Prevent injury
  • Stimulate activity of internal organs
  • Relieve pressure on legs and feet in pregnant women

The good part is that the benefits aren’t purely physical. A good foot massage also has the power to improve your mental and emotional state. Most of those who seek out a reflexologist are looking for relaxation and stress relief. With less stress in your life, your chance of heart disease drops considerably.

Some experts also recommend Foot Reflexology for people having diabetes. It is said that few patients are so relaxed during a session that that their blood sugar drops. However, one should make sure to drink plenty of water after each session!

Finding a Therapist: Just like finding any other type of professional, you’ll want to search around before you decide on a reflexologist. The goal is to find an individual with proper training and experience, a person who can really benefit your overall health. It’s a good idea to ask your friends and family. At Monsoon Salon & Spa we have professionals who would make sure you are at the right place.

Foot Massage Spa

We all know that a Thai foot massage every now and then can really help us relax, particularly after a long day of standing up and walking around, when our feet tend to swell up. Sure, everyone enjoys it, but does it really have any benefits other than making us feel a bit more relaxed and relieving some of the pain?

Benefits :When we talk about benefits of Foot Massage in Spa, there are many. Here we list a few.

  • Improves circulation A 10–20 minute massage session before going to bed can greatly improve circulation in the lower extremities, which is particularly important for people suffering from diabetes.

  • Helps prevent foot and ankle injuries Massaging the feet can help with joint pain and aid recovery after an injury, as well as reduce muscle soreness.

  • Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety Frequent sessions of foot massage can significantly reduce anxiety in patients. The techniques can be learned fairly quickly and can serve as an effective way of dealing with depression and anxiety.

  • Helps with headaches and migraines It has been seen that people suffering from headaches and migraines showed great improvement after receiving reflexology treatments.

  • Lowers blood pressure A 10-minute foot massage session up to three times a week can lead to improved mood, less anxiety and hence lower blood pressure.

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