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Getting a body wrap spa treatment does feels good. At Monsoon Spa in Delhi, we promote it as a relaxing and moisturizing treat for the guests. That is not all, a body wrap spa treatment can also help in detoxification, slimming down process and dealing with cellulite. Termed as a rage in the spa industry, this treatment further helps to tighten your skin.

Body wraps combine therapeutic masks — herbal pastes, mineral-rich muds or soothing creams — with thermal coverings. The body mask will contain a mixture of ingredients designed to have a remedial effect on your skin, while the coverings will swathe and warm your body, promoting muscle relaxation, and sweating to cleanse your pores.

At Monsoon spa we use a few core adjectives to describe our body wrap treatments: slimming, detoxifying, relaxing and hydrating are favourites.

After applying the mask to most of your body, your therapist will swaddle you in a plastic sheet and towels, or a thermal blanket, and leave you to rest for around 20 to 40 minutes. If you’re having a detoxifying or slimming wrap, you may be wrapped tightly in bandages soaked in a therapeutic solution instead of a warm blanket. The heat of the wrap will relax your muscles, open your pores and encourage sweating.

Health Benefits: Temporary inch loss, softer, firmer, hydrated or cleansed skin, relaxed muscles.

Good to know: People suffering from High blood pressure, Heart conditions, Claustrophobia, Hypertension, Diabetes, Eczema, and Psoriasis should avoid getting this treatment.

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