Why Monsoon

Monsoon Salon & Spa is one of the fastest growing salon chains in North India. With a presence in most plush localities across Delhi-NCR, it is redefining the connection between the wellness industry and the fashion world with a benchmark for others to follow. We are a brand that does not just do what you say, we are a brand that gives you what you need. With eight company-owned salons in Delhi-NCR, Monsoon is organised with zeal to grow and firmly mark the arena.

Led by a team of award-winning stylists, Monsoon has always been at the forefront of the corporate world in creating unique concepts. From partnering up with Amazon India Fashion Week for six consecutive shows, to Hunt for Kingfisher Calendar or hair and makeup for magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, L’official, Estetica, Spice Route, the team at Monsoon has always been the favourite of the corporate world.

The salon chain has also been awarded for the extraordinary work it has done over the years. Be it Elle Beauty Awards Industry Expert, Cosmopolitan Beauty Jury, Indian Institute of Interior Design, Elle Beauty Awards Industry Expert, Vogue Choice Salon for Colour in India, Harpers Bazaar Editors Choice Salon in India or Harper’s Bazaar Editors Choice Salon in India, Estetica Best New Talent India, to Global Keratin Indian Ambassador, the awards continue pouring in Monsoon’s kitty.

A name or brand means different things to different people, however the brand Monsoon for us means renew, rejuvenation and coming to life with a fresh new approach and that is exactly what we are about. We approach things with energy and passion and back them up with support and international experience. We try to ensure that Monsoon always remains the leader in the Indian market, and also admired internationally with skills comparable to any top salon in the world.

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