Monsoon Membership Card

S.NoCard TypeCard AmountMonday-ThursdayFriday-SundayValidityAmountFamily Members Valid
1Prepaid Card 20k Rs 20,00050% OFF (All Services)40% OFF (All Services)1 Year Redeemable1+3
2Prepaid Card 10kRs 10,00040% OFF (All Services)20% OFF (All Services)6 Months Redeemable1+3
3Membership Card 1kRs 1,00025% OFF (All Services)10% OFF (All Services)1 YearRedeemableValid for only one person


Upfront payment Rs.20,000 + Taxes
(Mon-Thu) on All Services ( Discount) 50%
(Fri-Sun) on All Services ( Discount)40%
Opening BalanceRs.20,000
Bridal Makeup (from Trainer)Rs.24,000
Less: Discount @ 50%Rs.12,000
Price After DiscountRs.12,000
Closing Balance (20,000-12,000)Rs.8,000


Upfront paymentRs.10,000 + Taxes
(Mon-Thu) on All Services ( Discount) 40%
(Fri-Sun) on All Services ( Discount)20%
Opening BalanceRs.10,000
Bridal Makeup (from Trainer)Rs.5,000
Less: Discount @ 50%Rs.5,000
Price After DiscountRs.5,000
Closing Balance (10,000-5,000)Rs.5,000


Upfront paymentRs.1,000 + Taxes
(Mon-Thu) on All Services ( Discount) 25%
(Fri-Sun) on All Services ( Discount)10%
Full Arms Waxing + TaxesRs.410
Less: Discount @ 25%Rs.102
Price After DiscountRs.308
Closing BalanceRs.363

Other Terms & Conditions:

  • This value in Membership Card can be redeemed across all Monsoon outlets.
  • All members needs to be registered with Monsoon Salon via mobile number.
  • Applicable only on main menu rates, Can’t be clubbed with any other offer/discount.
  • 100% upfront payment.
  • No refund/unused card value can not be exchanged for cash or reuse.
  • In 10K card no discount is valid in case service value goes beyond the available balance in card.
  • These discounts are valid only on salon services not on products.