A well done pedicure can undoubtedly make your feet look the best. Visiting a salon with the pedicure services may be one of the best decisions when you are planning to pamper yourself. A perfect pedicure is certainly an important component of the entire spa package that you are planning to receive. A pedicure treatment not only makes your feet look fresh and beautiful but also certain pressures by the trained pedicurists helps in getting rid of the various pains making the receiver relaxed.  A typical pedicure kit which is being used by the pedicurists of Monsoon Salon and Spa consists of all the necessary tools which are very well required for the process from the nail trimmers, the essential cuticle oil, the orange wood sticks, cuticle nipper, the pleasant nail shades, the skin moisturizers and a foot basin in order to soak your feet inside. A pedicure can indeed be a remarkable form of pampering and can very well raise your spirit and at the same time appease your aching feet to a considerable extent.

Usually an effective pedicure takes anywhere from a half hour to an hour to get completed. The overall duration of your pedicure treatment also depends on the condition of the feet as well. For example, a very basic pedicure will indeed typically take about half an hour’s time whereas a more extensive and specialized treatment can even take as long as an hour and half as well. If you are residing in Delhi NCR, opt for the specialized pedicure treatment of Monsoon Salon and Spa which is considered to be one of the best pedicures in Delhi.

Pedicures also helps in removing the dead skin of your feet that encourages bunions and corns to sprout, which in turn leads to feet that will stay healthier, longer. The experts at Monsoon take great care that your foot remains soft and healthy throughout.

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