Global Keratin

Global Keratin is a revolution in hair straightening, completely non-chemical and can be used on any hair type regardless of the condition. It is not a permanent straightening, and straightens up to 95% so the final straightening / smoothing result depends on how curly or frizzy the hair is to begin with.

The advantages of Global Keratin is that no matter what condition your hair is in, you can still have the Keratin Treatment because it actually improves the condition of the hair. However, one should always choose experienced hair stylist for getting their keratin done. And once it is done, you should take special care of your hair as your hair might need extra pampering.

We at Monsoon Salon & Spa, take great care in enhancing your hair experience. Our techniques are best suited for the Indian hair texture. Our specialists take extra care in making sure that you and your loved ones have an unforgettable experience with us. Hair Stylists at Monsoon Salon & Spa always take extra caution and even go a step ahead in giving personalized tips too.

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