Since its inception in 1964, Kérastase has always provided the finest quality in haircare and avantgrade formulations which anticipates the wants and needs of not only hairdressers but also consumers. Kérastase is in the world’s most sumptuous salons and used by the world’s most prestigious hairdressers across the globe.

Trained in specific, effective techniques, our trained experts will then offer you a deep hair transformation within a wellness-promoting environment characterised by the awakening of the senses and deep yet gentle massage to completely relax both body and mind.

Whether you are in a hurry or looking for a relaxing escape, our Kérastase consultant will find the perfect answer for your needs from the ritual categories.


A collection of exclusive indulgent Rituals by Kérastase, designed to completely pamper you and transform your scalp and hair.

Vip Rituals

Chronologiste Caviar VIP Ritual – An ultra-luxury Ritual with the revitalizing virtues of mimetic caviar and Abyssine which completely rejuvenate the scalp and hair fibre.

Morpho-KeratineTM VIP Ritual – 1st smooth in motion hair care Ritual. For unruly, unmanageable, sensitized hair. Upto 72 hours of anti-frizz, anti-humidity protection.

Keratherapy VIP Ritual – An exclusive heat activated protocol to compensate for the loss of keratin and reconstruct very damaged hair fibre. 125% more hair resistance.

Elixir Ultime Silk Veil Oil Ritual – The most precious Oil Ritual by Kérastase: a blend of 12 precious Oils which offer an optimal equilibrium between rich care and free flowing lightness which leaves the hair nourished and dazzling.

Elixir Ultime Oil Rituals

Elixir Ultime Sublime Precious Oil Ritual – A mini Ritual with a pampering precious Elixir Ultime Classic Oil massage finished with a quick blow dry to reveal instant radiance.

EU Liquid Gold Scented Oil Ritual – Treat your hair to our ultimate shine enhancing Ritual with bespoke textures with unique Oil Blending personalised to your specific needs, such as dryness, weakness, colour shine & fineness.

Homme Oil Ritual (Exclusively for Men) – A Revitalising Oil Massage Ritual tailor made for men. An energising Ritual that stimulates the hair bulb and nourishes the hair from the root.


Customised hair care Rituals and indulgent textures which ensure that your hair is completely transformed from within. Prepare for your salon visit with a summary of your hair needs and your beauty expectations. Upon arriving in-salon your consultant will be able to give your hair a thorough diagnosis using the latest diagnostic tools and prescribe the most appropriate haircare products for you to use at-home.

Fusio-Dose Ritual – Fusio-Dose is the 1st in-salon care ritual that is completely tailor-made to precisely meet the specific needs of every hair type.

  • Nourishment and Softness: For Dry Hair
  • Strengthening and Reconstruction: For Weak Hair
  • Radiance and Shine: For Coloured Hair
  • Vitality and Densification: For Very Fragile Hair

Dry Hair

Intensive Nourishment Ritual – Long-lasting nutrition to give your hair immunity against the return of dryness. Targeted nourishment for very dry and sensitised hair.

Smoothing Ritual – For taming dry, frizzy and rebellious hair, leaving it soft, smooth & easy to manage.

Curl Design Ritual – A Ritual with light, softening oils for perfect curl definition and protection against dryness.

Weak, Damaged Hair

Split end sealing Ritual – The 1st split end sealing Ritual by Kérastase that instantly repairs the hair fibre; heals and seals damaged ends. Split ends reduced by 76%.

Strengthening Ritual – For rebuilding the internal substance of hair weakened naturally or due to chemical treatments.


Unmanageable Hair

Discipline Ritual – Hair management protocol for preserving the natural texture of the hair for anti-frizz, anti-humidity effect.

Colour Treated Hair

Colour Protection & Hydration Ritual – Caring and protecting Ritual for colour treated hair to provide intense hydration, enhanced radiance & softness.

Fine Hair

Volumising Ritual – A volume amplifying Ritual to create a thickening effect and shapely hair texture for fine, fly away hair.

K Blow-dries

Chronologiste Fragrant Blow-dry – A sensorial experience with the 1st Hair Perfume from Chronologiste. Three times more fragrance concentration compared to any hair care product.


A collection of targeted solutions to balance your scalp, using technologically advanced ingredients, your scalp & hair will feel naturally clean and beautiful.


Densifying Ritual – A comprehensive beauty routine enriched with Stemoxydine®. Abundance, lushness, bounce to create visible hair Density.

Sensitive Scalp

Sensidote Soothing Ritual – Relieves scalp from redness, itching, tingling or burning. It soothes the scalp and boosts its immunity against discomforts.

Dandruff Prone Scap

Anti-Dandruff Ritual – Gently cleanses, moisturizes and exfoliates dandruff prone scalp, leaving it soft and clean.

Hair Loss & Density

New Hair Density Programme – Densifique is a comprehensive 3 month programme for improving hair density. It contains Stemoxydine® which mimics an optimal stem cell environment and helps increase the quantity of hair per cm2

Anti-Hair Loss Programme – An advanced Anti-Hair Loss Programme with the power of Aminexil®, clinically proven to prevent future hair loss. To be followed by an exclusive Anti-Hair Loss homecare regime.

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